The Latest Drone technology

Lakeland homeowners are no strangers to extreme weather. Our area is susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes, and high wind events. We use state-of-the-art tools like thermal imaging and aerial drone technology to make sure you receive the most comprehensive inspection on your property.

Complete Your Inspection Package

Ready to get the full inspection with all the latest technology? Then look no further then our drone services paired with your home inspection. Our drones will be able to inspect the full property by aerial view and be able to see the entire roof close up without even leaving the ground. 

Our thermal imaging will be able to detect, electrical and plumbing issues, moisture problems, lack of insulation, heat and energy loss, termites and more! 

Our sewer scope can detect many defects in the sewer line by our camera that we feed through the whole line. Our scope can detect, clogs in the line, cracks in the piping, tree root intrusion and slopes in the line. 

If microbial growth is a worry for you as a homeowner a mold inspection and testing should be performed. Our inspectors will inspect the area for moisture and mold and use a moisture meter and thermal imaging for detection. They will also perform mold testing which will be sent to our certified lab to determine the type and level of mold present.

Purchasing a home with a pool is a fun luxury to have but also can be a frustrating one if problems arise or components fail. Your pool should be provided the same inspection attention as the home you are looking to purchase.

One of the large benefits besides safety is that most homeowners insurance companies will give a credit or discount on homes that have had wind mitigation services conducted on.

The benefits of a termite inspections  ensure that your home or premises is free of any termite activity. This is especially crucial if you are purchasing a property.

If your home was built before 1978 there is a high probability that there is lead paint in some of your surfaces.

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